Designing innovative experiences that provide just in time learning.

We are Charlotte and Benjamin, a couple who believe in progressive education, which, to us, simply means keeping learners’ needs in mind when designing curriculum…or really any learning experience (inside and outside the classroom since learning happens everywhere). We are convinced that learning is a personal experience that happens when the learner is active and creative, identifies with the experience (finding meaning), and builds on specialized knowledge. We invite you to read our blog and watch our videos as they may be the starting point of a conversation between us.

Why a coconut? Because a coconut is classified as both a seed and a fruit—the beginning and the end of the cycle of life, which continues onward. A coconut is difficult to open but provides a worthwhile reward inside. You just need a bit of persistence and creativity to crack it. Every coconut is unique, exotic (to us at least), and definitely not a low hanging fruit. We believe deeper learning is a lot like a coconut. 

We named one of our cats Coconut because the word resonates so clearly for us… she is the third stray we have picked up, the second in Riyadh.