Charlotte Hankin

Charlotte is a born and bred “Brummie,” the colloquial name for a person who originates from Birmingham, right in the heart of the United Kingdom. Charlotte has spent most of her life in the UK but in the last few years, she has been living and working abroad; firstly in Hong Kong and currently in Saudi Arabia.


Charlotte now works in Chiang Mai, Thailand and is pursuing her Ed.D., exploring the role of animals in education. She is interested in how teachers’ approaches to animals play a role in developing anthropocentric or bio-centric values.

Charlotte was the Academic Coordinator of a national school in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In this role, Charlotte helped develop an authentic curriculum that nurtures the curiosity, imagination and critical thinking skills of young learners so that they could become the next generation of Saudi leaders, inventors, entrepreneurs and world citizens. She was responsible for setting up curricular systems and processes involving planning for, and assessment of, inquiry-based, concept-driven learning engagements that cater for personalised interests, skills and knowledge.

Square pegs in round holes

Prior to Misk, Charlotte was the Learning Extension Coordinator and Literacy Coordinator at the Harbour School, a progressive PK-12 international school in Hong Kong. Charlotte set up the learning extension department and provision-mapped the learning needs of the most highly-abled students across the school, which included the following responsibilities: whole grade acceleration, the formation and delivery of a mixed-aged math program aimed to develop mathematical competencies using individualised digital platforms and collaborative STEAM projects; pull out enrichment and extension programs in a variety of subjects; push in support for individuals and groups; professional development for the entire faculty; social and emotional support for asynchronous learners; delivery of Literacy lessons for those academically advanced in writing and reading; the creation and implementation of personalised learning plans for this significant group of students. Charlotte also coached two groups to the Odyssey of the Mind World Championships in the US after winning the regional contest for two consecutive years in Hong Kong.

Why Hong Kong?

Charlotte’s move to Hong Kong was in response to a job offer in the UK to head up the teaching department of GROWHOUSE Bookstore. This first-of-its-kind bookstore was a hybrid educational-retail project where gifted students attended literary programs in a bookstore environment to develop critical thinking skills through books and film. Charlotte was responsible for setting up and maintaining the entire educational department which included the following: developed the educational philosophy and defined the curriculum; recruited the teachers, supported professional development and set up the appraisal systems; managed the creation of bespoke assessments, planning and resources; managed the day to day operations of the teaching team; worked with other members of the bookstore business to devise and implement strategies for marketing the educational products on business to business, and business to consumer bases. This work was all in collaboration with London Gifted and Talented, a London-based consultancy aimed to support students and teachers worldwide in their provision for gifted students.

Life in the Motherland

Most of Charlotte’s experience lies in UK education where she has extensive experience in the following teaching, leadership and management capacities: School to School Consultant, Assistant Headteacher, Key Stage 2 Coordinator, Literacy Coordinator, Humanities Coordinator, and various Teacher roles. She was awarded Specialist leader in Education (SLE) status in recognition of expertise in the areas of English, Leadership of Continued Professional Development (CPD), Leadership of Curriculum, Initial Teacher Training (ITT), and Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) development. She also achieved her National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership (NPQSL) which was based on the implementation and leadership of School Development Teams, a professional development programme aimed to empower middle leaders to lead on whole school priorities. Through her role as Consultant, Charlotte delivered a range of courses to School Leaders and Leadership Teams, Teachers, and Teaching Assistants, all aimed at developing aspects of pedagogy, tailored to individual school, team and teacher’s needs.

Charlotte’s one-minute pitch

Charlotte is a trained coach, mentor and facilitator whose most favoured school role is working 1:1 with teachers in their classrooms to develop personalised aspects of their practice.