Meaningful Learning Podcast

S1E4: Listen to the Students (ft. Dr. Trevor Soponis) Meaningful Learning

In this podcast I speak with Dr. Trevor Soponis, Founder and Chief Learning Officer of the Sustainable Learning Projects. Trevor is dedicated to developing project-based learning opportunities addressing the fundamental environmental challenges of our time for students around the world. Trevor has moved my thinking as we discuss:How we should trust students to take charge of their learning and solve the problems of their community.The power of connections to the environment to drive learning, in the future, yes, but also right now.The opportunities COVID and Black Lives Matter may provide to create a better world if we make the right choices.Join us for another episode of the Meaningful Learning podcast by Coconut Thinking, which may be the last one from Saudi Arabia as new adventures await.
  1. S1E4: Listen to the Students (ft. Dr. Trevor Soponis)
  2. S1E3: What Have Students Learned During Their School Years and What Do They Value?
  3. S1E2: Learning Through the Arts, the Body, and the Natural World
  4. S1E1: How Can We Assess Actual Learning?

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