Selected Testimonials – Benjamin

I could not recommend him more warmly. During his tenure at our school, Benjamin established himself as an energetic and reflective professional who cared deeply about encouraging interdisciplinary planning and critical thinking. Colleagues relied on him to structure and support their planning and teaching and work through logistics following decisions made. He was a tireless advocate to ensure enrichment and curricular programs for students with gifted or academically advanced needs and he coordinated the interdisciplinary history curriculum with teams of teachers. 

As well as being a caring and concerned advocate for students and learning, Benjamin could always be counted on for having intelligent views and encouraging the importance of emphasising research and analytical skills in instructional planning and programming. He was amicable and approachable and colleagues appreciated that he worked tirelessly to complete deadlines while problem solving certain details to ensure that the school day ran smoothly for everyone, students and staff. He was thorough and required little supervision. 

Throughout he was warm and affable, and families could always count on “Dr. Freud” to have a sympathetic ear and to do his utmost to ensure the best outcomes for all. 

Benjamin worked very hard to excel and he demonstrated enviable focus and initiative regularly. He sought consult whenever it was needed and took feedback well. As a colleague, Benjamin related well to many. He knows how to listen and to make people feel they have a voice and are heard. He is thoughtful in working with others. He could often be counted on to weigh in with a new perspective.


It is a great pleasure to compose a letter of recommendation on behalf of Dr. Benjamin Freud. Given Ben’s doctoral studies in history, his master’s level work in international relations, and his coursework in both regular education and special education, he is an incredibly valuable resource to our academic community. Ben is also a wonderful source of cultural and language knowledge, as he is fluent in at least three different languages and enjoys international travel. 

Furthermore, Ben has been a consistently solid, committed, reliable performer at our [school]. He is a true team player, showing exemplary commitment, compassion and flexibility. He is a dedicated and creative teacher. In addition to standard classroom teaching within his history specialization, he also has shown comfort and innovation in teaching students with various learning differences, gifted students, and students with social-emotional issues. Ben provides a structured, enriching, and supportive academic environment that has proven to be beneficial for both our intrinsically motivated, highachieving learners, as well as our most reluctant learners. 

Indeed, Ben is a true gem. He is an incredibly valuable resource given his education, enthusiasm for teaching, and eagerness to reach all learners. We at [the school] are fortunate to have Ben on our teaching team, as he is a truly unique and wonderful teacher with a proven track record of skills and accomplishment. His personal and professional experiences show that Ben enjoys challenge and seeks opportunities to share his love of history, culture, and life-long learning.

-Head of School A

Benjamin has impressed his colleagues and the administration with his deep fund of knowledge, his passion for history and literature, and his ability to engage and inspire his students.

As a professional, Benjamin is devoted to maintaining the standards of the school and of his field. He emphasizes inquiry, engagement, critical and ethical thinking, and global citizenship. Although he is an expert in his field with a background in academia, he relates well to students and is able to break down communicate complex ideas to guide them to a greater understanding of their world.

In addition to his exceptional work with students, Benjamin has also contributed to our schools by taking part in curriculum initiatives aligned with the highest state and national standards. He is active in the community and is always willing to get involved with new programs.

-Head of School B

Benjamin is one of those very rare, gifted-in-abundance persons you will ever meet! His acuity for educational analysis and insight is second to none. His “train train quotidien” is at a much higher speed than most! As Academic Head, Benjamin brings both a richness of practical educational experience and marries this with current theory. He was very instrumental in the initial setup of Personalised Learning plans at MiSK Schools. His innovative flair was always evident as he supported teaching colleagues to develop their ideas and bring them to fruition through many mediums, such as visual representation via technology, in-class student discussion, student engagement evenings, flipped classroom models to name but a few of the methodologies Benjamin actively supported.

He has superb leadership skills and relates excellently with every person he meets in a genuine and compassionate manner. Benjamin is very approachable and has keen listening skills. He has that balance of high professionalism and also warm friendliness. This is an exceptional attribute in a school leader.

Benjamin is always up to speed with current pedagogical thinking and he infuses this knowledge into the everyday running of a school seamlessly. Benjamin singularly led all curriculum planning, teacher mentoring, classroom observations and feedback, report writing, parent meetings, student and staff counseling duties and much, much more! He undertook a gargantuan feat of work single-handedly in the Upper Primary Boys School at MiSK. Some may say he did the work of at least four men! This was done with grace and a smile. He performed each and every duty with ease, he multitasked daily under pressure, and still managed to retain his sense of humour!

Benjamin delivered thought-provoking assemblies and whole school PD sessions with flair and panache. Benjamin is constantly up-skilling and sharpening his professional toolkit. He never rests on his laurels! His educational passions are constantly flourishing. It was an incredible honour to work with Benjamin and learn from his outlook, behaviour and approaches! His commitment and flair to his work is unparalleled.

-Homeroom teacher

Benjamin has been very supportive and open minded and encourages others to step outside the box and try new things. He is very creative and is a good problem solver. Has good perseverance and a lot of energy. Always greets me with a smile and is willing to help out in class whenever called upon. I have enjoyed our collaborative approach and i have always felt that my views were taken on board and given consideration. Benjamin is consistently looking out for the students and adapting and making changes that will benefit their school experience.
-Homeroom teacher

I admire the passion Benjamin brings into everything he does. It is a great quality to see when you can tell someone truly cares about what they do. Thanks Benjamin!

I have enjoyed working with you this year on Project Zero and Math SIT, I am deeply touched and influenced by your passion for conceptual learning and holistic (life worthy) education for your students. Thank you!
-Primary Co-Teacher

Dr. Freud is a jack of all trades and capable of multi-tasking in a way I haven’t seen in years. He always considers the entire team as he tries to make decisions that focus on team well being.
-ELL teacher

Hello my brother…Happy to know you, thanks for your kindness and smile.
-Front Desk officer.

I would like to let you know how much I appreciate your help and guidance during this school year. It is very comfortable to work with a colleague like you- very serious, dedicated, with a good sense of humor.
-Music teacher

Thank you for your immense help and support and thank you so much for your energy and patience. You were a pleasure to work with!
-STEM specialist

Benjamin, I appreciate your sense of humor and composed attitude. It is a source of calm in the chaos. 
-Homeroom teacher

Benjamin is one of the best [students] I have encountered in my teaching career. His responses to assignments and discussion topics are uniformly comprehensive, well written, detailed, thoughtful and perceptive, with comments that are thought-provoking and stimulate critical thinking.
-Professor who taught Benjamin in grad school