Flipping the Flipped Classroom

I find it puzzling how the “flipped classroom” is so often presented as a new groundbreaking and transformative idea, with the potential to unlock the power of formative assessment and personalized learning. I am not suggesting that exposing students to the material at home and then practicing what they learned in class can’t be useful [...]

Learning Through Experiences

How do we learn? For Confucious, the explanation was simple: I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. The simplicity and relevance of Confucious’ words still resonate in learning environments around the world, particularly in the context of education for the under 16s. The process of ‘learning through [...]

Experiential and Project-Based Learning Case Study

Students engineer an Escape Room in which they will lock up their parents. Learning happens most effectively when it is meaningful. The freedom to decide what and how one learns allows for the creation of a learning experience that becomes personal and therefore has greater impact. Students can imagine what and how they want to [...]