Podcast: Rebel Educator – Bio-collective Goals and the Importance of Kindness, with Benjamin Freud, Ph.D.

It was a real pleasure to speak with Tanya Sheckley from UP Academy, Inc.we discussed many issues including going beyond the Sustainable Development Goals, the need to recognize our place within the bio-collective, and the importance of thinking beyond the mechanistic frameworks of cause and effect.  All this around the idea that we can have a curriculum of kindness. 

Podcast: Learning Futures – Malleable Learning and the Dissolution of Barriers with Benjamin Freud

How comfortable are you with not knowing, how often do you change your mind? How do cultures of personalised learning arise?
What happens when the boundaries of disciplines dissolve, replaced with meaningful projects that can have an impact on themselves, others, and the world?

I was a guest on the Learning Future Podcast, hosted by Louka Parry, Season 3, Episode 7.

Panel Discussion: Future of Education at the Eduvation Summit 2021

I was a panelist at the closing event of the EduVation Summit 2021, which is one of the biggest educational conferences in Egypt and the MENA region. For the past 5 years, it’s been gathering education stakeholders (educators, learners, parents, school leaders, edtech companies, policy makers, etc.) from around Egypt and the Middle East to encourage and facilitate collaboration and innovation in Education. Over 10 thousands education enthusiasts took part in our previous editions.

Firestarter Presentation

This was my Firestarter Presentation on 10 November 2020 as part of the [Re]Learn Festival 2020 on Impact as the next step in authentic assessment, looking at Net Promoter Scores as a means to complement qualitative data with quantitive measures that foster learning and re-iteration. Impact on the user creates the purpose for, catalyst toward, and outcomes of learning in itself and is the best way to ensure our projects, products, and ideas remains human- and earth-centric. How we create impact on the self, others, and the world is how we should re-think what was we do.

Winning Hackathon entry at [Re-]Learn

The Incubator is an early concept of (the high school component of) a K-12 through school. It will nourish the spirit of creativity and curiosity to develop (social) entrepreneurialism. I submitted this for the [Re]Learn Festival 2020 Hackathon. The challenge was to design a significant change for schools to meet the needs of the future. I received first place for most innovative storyline and came in 2nd in three other categories.

Design Challenge

I was given a design challenge: Imagine you have noticed a small group of students who have shown an interest in Thai amulets. How would you approach this learning connection? This was any response, which hopefully shows my way of thinking and designing.


We were lucky enough to be invited by Ali Ezzeddine to host a webinar with 4Generations 4Education. We asked participants what they learned about themselves and their children/students during the Lockdown and what lessons about learning will they take back once physical school is back.

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