This was my Firestarter Presentation on 10 November as part of the [Re]Learn Festival 2020 on Impact as the next step in authentic assessment, looking at Net Promoter Scores as a means to complement qualitative data with quantitive measures that foster learning and re-iteration. Impact on the user creates the purpose for, catalyst toward, and outcomes of learning in itself and is the best way to ensure our projects, products, and ideas remains human- and earth-centric. How we create impact on the self, others, and the world is how we should re-think what was we do.

The Incubator is an early concept of (the high school component of) a K-12 through school. It will nourish the spirit of creativity and curiosity to develop (social) entrepreneurialism.

The Curriculum Cloud is a concept we have been thinking about to consolidate our thinking in terms of how to provide the learner(s) with agency while ensuring that s/he develops competencies, core skills, and dispositions for learning.

We were lucky enough to be invited by Ali Ezzeddine to host a webinar with 4Generations 4Education. We asked participants what they learned about themselves and their children/students during the Lockdown and what lessons about learning will they take back once physical school is back.

Design Challenge

I was given a design challenge: Imagine you have noticed a small group of students who have shown an interest in Thai amulets. How would you approach this learning connection? This was any response, which hopefully shows my way of thinking and designing.

In the following video, I go through two examples of how young learners co-designed the curriculum (with me) while meeting specific objectives. The first project was an Escape Room (in which they locked up their parents) and the second was a solution they imagined to help local stray animals.

You can also read the post on the Escape Room here.

30 Second Elevator Pitch

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